A nice warm sunny evening at Hillingdon last night. And a great turnout with 47 riders on the track. Results
It was a really good turnout for the first of the Hillingdon Series events last night. Interesting weather with the
PosNo.NameClassLapsTotal TmBest TmIn Lap18Paul CrookTT1124:25.002:11.4227Cameron CrookYTT1125:06.202:13.64310Tom WebsterTT1125:19.902:12.9341Tim CumminsTT1125:23.502:14.93518Catherine RidgwayTT1125:56.302:19.1269Rob CourtneyRB1125:58.602:20.05714Will BrownRB1126:12.302:19.811813Nick GreenhalghRB1126:23.102:19.31917Jen BuckleyTT1127:09.902:23.431011Andy BealeRB1127:27.402:25.22112Jerry BallTT1127:45.502:29.031212Nic LeeRB1127:46.402:27.111315Jim KentRB1127:50.002:27.111416Jon HicksRB1128:17.602:27.4111521Aiden BrassilJTT1128:32.802:30.211619Sarah JacksonTT1129:19.702:34.411173Vince
The weather is improving (sometimes) and we start to venture further affield on Sundays as we continue our preparations for
This was the first Westerley club event to be held at Hillingdon circuit rather than on a road course. Unusual