NumberNameTime3Ian Short4:21:085Malcolm Buckley2:39:167ann shuttleworth4:47:028Derek Hewins5:15:229Russell O'Malley5:25:1011John BurrellDNS12David WaltersDNF13Michael TuckDNF16Owen Watson4:32:2917James Cooke4:51:1218Lee Morgan3:31:2319Barry Colman3:31:2720Shaun Lennox3:25:4922Michael Sargent5:30:3723JANICE bellDNS24Rob MortonDNS25Andrew Doran4:38:0627Robert Wells5:01:3628Andy King5:28:5329Mike
It's starting to get colder and Christmas will soon be with us, so time to start planning your next season.
Turbo sessions resume on Wednesday 11 January, 7 for 7:30pm at Hillingdon. Then every other Wednesday. See you there!
Our normal HQ is not available this year, so we are moving a couple of miles round the route to
So, this month has been a very eventful one, with, cancelled rides, car punctures, e punctures, squirting foam, anchovies and