Rider of the month – August

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Rider of the Month August

With July now almost wrapped up and Frank having a huge lead in the rider of the month for July, due to exploits in the Transcontinental, this month there will be a few things that all riders can use to gain points to win the trophy for August, there will be 3 criteria that you can gain points with they are as follow

Hillingdon TT’s

Club rides 

Total Distance Travelled

So, for each Wednesday Hillingdon TT you ride in August you will receive 10 points, each Sunday club ride you attend you will receive 15 points and finally for each 30 miles you travel you will gain 5 points. The Westerley rider with the most points will win the rider of the month trophy, any rides that qualify you for points will need to added to the rider of the month sheet. – click here for link to the spreadsheet –

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