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Here’s something from Tony Flynn passed on from John Jones.

“I note that John Henry Frederick Smith of the Westerley was number one. He must be a little older than me and always rode a trike, we always called him John Henry Frederick. I wonder if anyone still remembers him.
Quite a morning for me, we camped in Pangbourne Lane just a few yards from the start but somehow I managed a late start.

Then I punctured with about 10 miles to go and borrowed a bike from a rider who had packed.

Initially it caused quite a stir, I did shout out my number but one of the timekeepers had noticed my bike number and sent someone running down the Lane after me in order to check my number.

I did a 4:26 which was a PB but about 3 weeks’ later I went through the 100 mile checkpoint in the National Championship 12 hour in 4:18.”

Check out the feeding arrangements, Malt bread and honey sandwich anyone?!…..

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