Winter Warmer 2017

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Rider times 

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Robin Basford 04:53
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Elizabeth Curwen 05:07
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David Harry DNF
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Andrew Henning 04:10
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Jason Herriott 02:51
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Winter Warmer - Ben & TomThe Westerley Winter Warmer is on Sunday 15th January 2017.  There are three versions:

  • The main route is 108km in length with just under 1200m of climbing.
  • Or it is possible to turn left at Great Kingshill, cutting out the farthest loop to do the medium version which is 60km.  This misses out the bigger climbs of the main Chiltern ridge but has the pleasant climb up Hatches Lane from the Hughenden Valley as well as a good few shorter ones.  It has 528m of ascent in total.
  • Finally, the short route turns at Penn to miss out all the big climbs and also the main road sections, giving a 44km route with 440m of climbing.
The main climbs on the 108km route are:
  • Magpie Lane up to Winchmore Hill.
  • Freith Hill
  • Dunsmore
  • Bledlow Ridge
  • Loosley Hill
  • Hatches Lane
  • Clay Street.
All the events are reliability rides which have a target speed range of 12.5mph – 18mph. That equates to about 3½-5 hours for the long ride, 2-3 hours for the medium and 1.5-2.5 hours for the short version.  We expect that there will be some fast riders but, for avoidance of doubt, the events are not races.  Riders will be set off at intervals to reduce the risks from riding in large bunches on narrow lanes.

Those of you who have ridden before, please note, we have made a couple of changes to the route in the last couple of years.  We no longer go up Botterills Lane early in the morning when the risk of ice on the section of the road which is permanently flooded is greatest.  We now go out the way we used to come back through Beaconsfield and the new route back goes via some more very pretty and quiet lanes.  Also we have now replaced the long drag up Cryers Hill by the far prettier, and quieter, climb of Hatches Lane (although those who prefer to are free to use Cryers Hill as an alternative).

Winter Warmer - Tim & NicClick here for:

Map and elevation profile
Long route / route sheet
Long route / GPS track
Medium route / route sheet

Medium route / GPS track
Shorter route / route sheetShorter route / GPS track
NB these are currently drafts; they will be finalised following our route check on Sunday 8th JanuaryThe routes will also be signposted with numerous orange arrows.  Please note that, occasionally, a couple of the arrows have been taken down by members of the public before some riders got to them so they are best seen as guidance rather than a foolproof way of navigating!


The event takes place on public roads so normal care and attention is required.  However, there are a few specific hazards we’d like to draw your attention to:

1. A404 junctions after Penn Street.  Both the junction where you go onto the A404 (give way, left turn)and where you exit it (right turn) are in really bad condition with lots of potholes that are sometimes invisible with dirty water.

2. Descent from the Hale; this is narrow with lots of pot holes2. Hatches Lane climb: ‘narrow and mucky’

3. Nokes lane / Crown Lane climb, leading up towards Penn. Again pot holes and mucky.

4. Pauls Hill descent (past the Royal Standard pub) – patchy road surface.

5. Evans has decided to run a sportive on the same day which uses some of the same roads.  They did the same thing two years ago and, on the day, it wasn’t a problem.  The main thing is to follow the right arrows – they used pink ones and ours are orange.

We’ll update this list nearer to the time if there are any other hazards of note.

Club rides in Chiltern lanes

On the day

The HQ for the event is:Chalfont St Peter Scout Hut

Gravel Hill
Chalfont St Peter

SL9 9QXIt is located right next to the Community Centre.  Click here for a map.  There is plenty of car parking space nearby.  Please use either of the public car parks nearby (free on Sundays) not the one for the Community Centre as other people use the Centre during the day. It’s unlikely but, if they fill up, then there is a very big one a mile or so away by Gerrards Cross railway station.

The HQ will be open from 8:00 with the riders for the longer route off at 9:00 and the shorter routes at 10:00.  There will be tea and coffee available before the ride and a selection of food at the end.All rides close at 3:30pm.  If you think you are going to be later than that – or if you decide to abandon – please call us on 07909 681 661.


See Simon Oxenham’s great video of last year’s event here


The event is being run by Westerley CC which is affiliated to the CTC.  This provides Organisers’ Liability insurance as long as the event has no more than 200 riders.  The ride is therefore limited to this number.
We advise all riders to have their own third party liability insurance.  This is intended to cover you should you ever be adjudged to have caused an accident which led to injury or damage to another cyclist, anyone else or their property.  The main cycling organisations (CUK/CTC, BC or LCC) provide this as part of their membership benefits and members of most cycling clubs can join these organisations at affiliate rates.
More information
Any questions, please contact us:
07904 486 525

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