Westerley Wednesday series Results – Race 7

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We were lucky with the weather! After an afternoon of heavy rain, it cleared up by race time and the sun came out. Considering we had a good turn out from riders who clearly had faith in the weather forecast.

Full results and laptimes available here: –

PosNameClassLapsTotal TmBest TmIn Lap
1Tobias NilssonTT1123:01.4952:02.8712
2Tim CumminsTT1124:46.7032:12.43811
3Jose SolerRB1125:08.2222:10.0222
4Tom WebsterTT1125:11.3762:12.81611
5Stuart GilliesRB1125:46.7752:18.1473
6Aiden BrassilJRB1126:47.2342:18.2922
7Catherine RidgwayTT1126:55.4522:25.1196
8Jeremy BallTT1127:03.8092:26.21911
9Andrew GrangerRB1127:21.7222:23.97811
10Brian WoodhouseRB1127:30.5632:26.13211
11Jen BuckleyTT1127:39.1212:10.7183
12Jayne PaineRB1127:45.0892:28.1312
13Trevor DavisTT1128:12.1122:31.1474
14Daniel GoldsmithRB1128:15.6252:26.6002
15Vince DeyTT1129:19.0622:37.4062
16Leon MarkhamRB1130:47.7332:38.3781
17Nick GreenhalghRB1132:48.7322:13.7912

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