Westerley Wednesday Series 2

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After the announcement that RGT was closing, The Westerley opted to go with IndieVelo and while it was closing, we had an opportunity to get to grips with it. We are now in our second series and the racing has been hard fought by all that have taken part, both Men’s and Ladies. We currently have a standout in the Ladies overall competition with Chantal Mendes from Riak showing her rivals no mercy with a 300 point lead, so its safe to say with one event left, she will be crowned the champion for series 2. The men’s competition is a little closer with surprise package Paraic Whelan showing improvement as the series has gone on and put in his best display yet in the TT last week. It is not yet home and hosed for him as he only has a 65 point lead to Tim Cummins, who when on his A game can really put in a powerful performance, so still all to play for in the final event on 17th April, where we take on the Two Lake Loop course.

Overall standings

Paraic Whelan175170185135150175180
Tim Cummins195195 175160190190
Ian McNally185190195165 140175
Andy Beale180   155185195
Jerry Ball160175175 135  
Chantal Mendes RIAK150160   155160
Jørgen van Bers – яʀ   185175195 
Craig Jones  180155 170 
Rich Akers –  RIAK Racing 200 200   
Ingmar van Bers  ЯƦ   190185  
James D   160195  
Caroline  Reuter155180     
Ger Power170165     
Gesine Junker RIAK Racing  170145   
Igor Kopse    200  
Stevie Couper Glasgow Utd200      
Stevie Couper     200 
Nick Greenhalgh  200    
Rob Courtney      200
Rob Miller   195   
Mikkel Rasmussen    190  
Jen Buckley190      
Matt Keiper  190    
Huw Jarse 56 185     
Will Brown      185
Anders Østergaard    180  
David Buckley     180 
Even Øistensen   180   
Nic Lee      170
Andrzej Krajewski   170   
Dan Stimson    170  
Peter McDermott     165 
Adrian Bennett – OTR Wkd      165
Tom Finn    165  
Andy Halliday165      
L Whittingham – RIAK     160 
Stephen Mullane   150   
Nadir Lazzari teamADR     150 
max begen     145 
Serena Ace RIAK    145  
Mark Topham    140  
Harry Pa   140   

Ladies Standings

Chantal Mendes RIAK625
Caroline  Reuter335
Gesine Junker RIAK Racing315
Jen Buckley190
L Whittingham – RIAK160
Serena Ace RIAK145

Men’s Standing

Paraic Whelan1170
Tim Cummins1105
Ian McNally1050
Andy Beale715
Jerry Ball645
Chantal Mendes RIAK625
Jørgen van Bers – яʀ555
Craig Jones505
Rich Akers –  RIAK Racing400
Ingmar van Bers  ЯƦ375
James D355
Caroline  Reuter335
Ger Power335
Gesine Junker RIAK Racing315
Igor Kopse200
Stevie Couper Glasgow Utd200
Stevie Couper200
Nick Greenhalgh200
Rob Courtney200
Rob Miller195
Mikkel Rasmussen190
Jen Buckley190
Matt Keiper190
Huw Jarse 56185
Will Brown185
Anders Østergaard180
David Buckley180
Even Øistensen180
Nic Lee170
Andrzej Krajewski170
Dan Stimson170
Peter McDermott165
Adrian Bennett – OTR Wkd165
Tom Finn165
Andy Halliday165
L Whittingham – RIAK160
Stephen Mullane150
Nadir Lazzari teamADR150
max begen145
Serena Ace RIAK145
Mark Topham140
Harry Pa140

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