Rider of the Month October

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So, this month has been a very eventful one, with, cancelled rides, car punctures, e punctures, squirting foam, anchovies and more than one trophy awarded. This is just the short version, with it being a 5 weekend month there were points galore on off this month with a variety of events to choose from. After a cancelled ride due to the weather, it all really kicked off with the virtual TTT where the team has been boosted by some new arrivals, then 2 up and hill climb were next big points on offer. Unlucky for Andy that his car got a puncture on the way out and Nic Lee then rode the rest of the way, where he won the 2 up with Nic Stevenson, who made his way up from Christchurch for the day. The hill climb was another one for big points, so after the drama of getting to the start Nic Lee, then finished an agonising 2nd in the hill climb losing out to his partner in the 2 up, so Nic Stevenson completed his Westerley trophy sweep taking the Bob Kyneston Hill climb trophy.

The virtual TT really got going with some big performances from both Andy and Tim, with the latter putting in several big rides to help the team when the e punchers were rife. Just when it was looking like there could be no more drama, Nic Lee had a puncher on his turbo, with him being a tubeless man, this made for some new art work on his newly painted walls. This didn’t stop him from giving the wall a quick wipe and getting the anchovy in, so he was ready and on the start line for the last VTT of October. So, the big question is, who will be the rider of the month? After counting all the rides and indeed checking again, it came down to 7 points, this month Tim Cummings wins Rider of the Month by half a point on the distance cycled, with Nic Lee an agonising second for the second time this month.

The rides for November’s rider of the month will be virtually all virtual, we will be supporting our friends at Rasio racing with their Friday night series, along with our own club rides and Team Time Trials, the events are as follows.

4th November Rasio Racing VRR (10 points)

6th November Club run or Vintage Brighton ride (20 for each)

7th November VTTT (15 points) 

11th November Rasio Racing VRR (10 points) 

13th November Club run (20 for each)

14th November VTTT (15 points)

18th November Rasio Racing VRR (10 points)

20th November Club run (20 for each)

21st November VTTT (15 points)

25th November Rasio Racing VRR (10 points)

27th November Club run (20 for each)

28th November VTTT (15 points)

For more detail on the  VTT or Rasio racing please contact Andy or Ian, all claims are to be added to the sheet 

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