Westerley Wednesday are back!!!! After the success of the last few years and some record breaking performances by the younger generation, we hope that 2024 will be just as good. The events will be starting on 24th April.

Westerley Cycling club runs a series of time trial events at Hillingdon cycle circuit. These time trials are 10.35 miles in distance (11 laps) on a car free outdoor circuit. It is open to anybody but enter online before the event to avoid any disappointment. We use an electronic timing system which will give you very accurate times, also other data such as lap time, lap speed, fastest lap.

Entry is via RiderHQ (put Westerley in the ‘Event name / description’ field)

NB There are two options when you enter, one as a Westerley CC member (£5) and one as a Non-Member (£10). If you are a non-member and enter via the members’ entry facility, then we will need to cancel your entry and ask you to re-enter the other event.

Also, new this year, if you plan to ride most or all of the events you can enter the entire series as a discounted price and also get guaranteed entry to events which sell out. See here for Westerley members or here for others

Previous entrants have found that this is the best environment to get into time trialling as it is car free and safe. You don’t need any special equipment to take part.

We run two separate categories Time Trial Bike and Road Bike events which run alongside each other.

Dates and times of our 2024 events.

Wednesday events: Date and Start Time (First Rider Off)
2024-04-24 Wed 19:00
2024-05-08 Wed 19:00
2024-05-22 Wed 19:15
2024-06-05 Wed 19:15
2024-06-19 Wed 19:15 -Sociable 10
2024-07-03 Wed 19:15
2024-07-17 Wed 19:15
2024-07-31 Wed 19:15
2024-08-14 Wed 19:15
2024-08-28 Wed 19:15

Weekend events: Date and Start Time (First Rider Off)
2024-04-27 Sat `4:00 – Club 16k – Hillingdon short circuit

Time Trial Bike Event (No drafting/cheating allowed) £10.00 Adults / £5.00 Westerley CC members /  £5.00 Juniors

You are allowed use of any equipment, time trial/triathlon bike, full aero helmet, deep section wheels inc. disc wheels etc.

Road Bike Event (No drafting/cheating allowed)  £10.00 Adults / £5.00 Westerley CC members / £5.00 Juniors

You can use a mountain bike or road bike but we don’t allow any aero clip on bars / time trial / triathlon bars. No pointy aero helmets, no disc wheels. Wheels should be no deeper than 60mm. if you want to use any of these you should sign up for the time trial bike event.

LIGHTS – remember you need both front and rear ones!!!

You must keep track of your own laps, the event is 11 laps in total and is equal to 10.35 miles.

Results will be published the night of the event or following day. It will show the most important information and will be accompanied by a lap breakdown file.

For event updates and information on the night, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


Each year, Westerley awards medals for following categories, presented on the last evening or the series.

  • Fastest 6 events Male Time Trial Bike
  • Fastest 6 events Male Road Bike
  • Fastest 6 events Female Time Trial Bike
  • Fastest 6 events Female Road Bike
  • Fastest 6 events Junior Male Time Trial Bike
  • Fastest 6 events Junior Male Road Bike
  • Fastest 6 events Junior Female Time Trial Bike
  • Fastest 6 events Junior Female Road Bike
  • Fastest Overall Time
  • Fastest Lap Overall