Here are some of the local time trial courses you will see featured in the Westerley CC calendar:


H10/2 Maidenhead Thicket 10 mile

H10/4 Great Missenden 10 mile

H10/22 Marlow 10 mile

H10/10 Fifield 10 miles

HCC227 Black Park (Iver Heath/Wexham) 10 miles

HCC234 Waltham St.Lawrence 10 miles

H15/10 Fifield 15 miles

H15/1 Thatcham-Teale 15 miles

H25/2 Marlow 25 mile

H25/4 Great Missenden 25 mile

HCC001 West of Windsor (Fifield) 25 miles

H25/1A Colthrop Teale 25 mile

H50/4 Great Missenden 50 mile

Unnamed Hillingdon Circuit



HHC019 Longdown Hill – Westerley CC Club Hill Climb
HHC011 Windsor Hill (Wooburn Green) – WLC