Hillingdon Test Race 1 Results

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Rather a horrible evening weather wise, with strong winds and rain, especially before the event. Not surprisingly, one of two didn’t ride (including me!), but well done to those who braved it. And just to make things worse – two punctures from 8 riders!

And it was almost dark by the time the last rider was in. Well done to Arefa and Mina for their first attempt at Hillingdon.

I’ve adjusted the times for Arefa to show the total for laps 2-12, as she turned short on the first lap.

PosNo.NameClassLapsTotal TmBest TmIn Lap
11Tim CumminsTT1126:41.602:22.58
210Stephen HarveyRB1127:52.202:28.411
312Nic LeeRB1128:27.402:27.71
416Jim KentRB1128:40.802:30.81
55Mina surnameTT1134:28.002:54.51
66Arefa surnameTT1135:21.001:53.01
713Tom WebsterTT615:05.202:27.03
817Aidan BassilYTT410:44.902:37.51
92Jerry BallTT0
103Vince DeyTT0
114Stephen deSouzaRB0
127Gary MartinTT0
138Cameron CrookYTT0
149Paul CrookTT0
1511Will BrownRB0
1614Sarah JacksonTT0
1715Catherine RidgwayTT0

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