Hillingdon Club event – 22nd April – results

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This was the first Westerley club event to be held at Hillingdon circuit rather than on a road course. Unusual start time of 2pm, but we had a good field of 21 entries. And the weather was kind, with unusually very little wind around the circuit.

PosNo.NameClassLapsTotal TmBest TmIn Lap
12Joel  StewartTT1122:28.701:59.510
216Sam HumphesonRB1124:14.602:09.98
39Ed BuckleyTT1124:49.402:14.18
414Alexander PolyakovRB1125:17.502:14.61
510Tom WebsterRB1125:34.802:13.511
613Richard BillingsRB1125:36.902:16.21
712Lindz BarralRB1126:13.402:18.72
84Robert HartTT1126:40.702:19.011
911James BlackburnRB1126:54.702:18.01
107Paul HartiganTT1126:57.902:23.09
1115Sebastian AndraosRB1127:04.802:23.711
126Jeremy BallTT1127:15.702:26.85
1317Louise MoriartyRB1127:45.802:25.81
1418Paul QuinlanRB1128:48.502:34.64
153Gary MartinTT1128:49.502:32.411
161Vince DeyTT1129:19.502:35.36
1719Penny BlackburnJRB1133:58.202:56.91
1821Oliver StewartJRB1134:25.602:56.71
1920Isaac BarralJRB1131:10.002:42.01
208Tom QuinlanTT922:59.702:02.93

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  1. Paul
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    Thanks for putting on the TT yesterday. Are there any photos available?

  2. Ben
    | Reply

    Keith’s amazing (as usual) photos

  3. Paul
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