Audaxes are long-distance cycling challenges where participants attempt to ride lengthier rides (usually over 100km – sometimes over 1,000km!). Rides from 200km upwards score 1 Audax Point per 100km and hilly rides can also count towards Audax Altiitude Award (AAA) points. The points go towards the national trophies as well as various awards that riders can claim by riding the required combinations of events. The club has several members who regularly take part in Audax events in the UK and overseas (like the famous Paris-Brest-Paris randonée) as well as similar long distance epics including the Transcontinental Race.

Westerley also runs its own audax events in the Chilterns in May.

Benson Bike rally - On the road 3There are 100km and 200km options, both starting and finishing in Ruislip. Details of both events can be found here.

Entries cost £9, however non Audax UK members are required to pay a further £2 temporary membership (including insurance). Entries may be made through the Audax UK website for the 200km event, and the 100km event.