2024 Westerley Wednesday – 24th April

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Another season of Westerley Wednesdays has started!

It was a bit cold and windy as usual for the track events. 37 riders this week competing though. Quite fast down the back straight and I only saw one rabbit! Quite often there are some for the early events where we are finishing as the light fades.

Unfortunately we had an issue with the timing equipment so we couldn’t see the results at the time. All the data was there though, so I’ve extracted times and laptimes. See full details on the race results page:

PosNo.NameClassLapsTotal TmBest TmIn Lap
148Matthew HalvatzisRB1123:22.702:05.62
230Ben PayneTT1123:36.102:04.44
313Tobias NilssonTT1123:45.502:04.84
428adam elderfieldTT1124:03.502:05.710
547Stuart SpiesRB1124:11.202:08.72
629Sergio De VitaTT1124:11.402:06.67
727Cameron CrookJTT1124:14.302:04.88
824Paul CrookTT1124:17.802:10.35
910Rob CourtneyRB1124:29.202:11.42
1051Tom HodsonRB1124:37.402:12.26
1125Stuart GilliesTT1124:45.602:10.23
122Tim CumminsTT1124:48.802:10.93
136Nick GreenhalghRB1124:55.402:10.811
1439Jeff ShottonTT1124:57.702:23.53
1532Alexander PolyakovTT1125:21.102:14.62
1637David SmithTT1125:33.402:15.11
1738Mike MillarTT1125:39.902:15.15
1846William JonesRB1126:11.602:18.17
1911Brian WoodhouseRB1126:39.602:19.35
204David NewmanTT1126:57.802:21.34
213Jen BuckleyTT1127:32.902:27.53
2217Nigel StephensRB1127:33.802:25.010
2323Jeremy BallTT1127:49.202:25.64
2419Tracy CorbettRB1127:56.702:28.85
2531Paul HartiganTT1128:09.102:25.36
2616Jayne PaineRB1128:15.602:30.03
2743Andrew GrangerRB1128:25.702:30.86
2845Cai Morton-SmithRB1129:13.902:33.42
295Vince DeyTT1129:22.102:38.45
3041Kayleigh Spencer-DawsonTT1129:54.302:35.52
3134Adrian LeeTT1131:04.402:41.35
3233Jill BartlettTT1131:11.202:45.14
3321Penny BlackburnJRB1132:16.002:50.45
3436Juliet FenwickTT1134:31.503:01.64
3518Heather McCullochRB1134:59.903:00.05
3635Joanne Hendrie-HendersonTT1135:53.703:07.56
3749Finlay CrossleyJRB1137:59.803:15.54
2812Aidan TownsendJRB617:43.502:49.15

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