What did you do over the Festive season?

Hope everyone had a great break. Whilst the Festive 500 wasn’t for this contributor in 2022, the weekly virtual Team Time Trial and Rasio Racing series on Fridays had no rest – this week we did a virtual Richmond Park there and back and another of the 10 mile TT courses. This time in wonderful Hull.

Virtual Riding

The Virtual group keeps growing and is into double figure. A team of 6 for the TTTs is regular and increasingly competitive (coming in the top half against some high class opponents). We are nudging commencing a regular second team too. We also have a team in the West London series and currently lie 8th, with Watford velo the only geographically centred club team ahead of us.

Real World Medalling

It hasn’t all been virtual though – Will Brown competed in duathlon in December too and came second. Kudos Will!

What are members doing in 2023?

Club members have also been setting their goals for the year. We have participants going for Paris/Brest/Paris, and London/ Wales/ London and a host of personal bests that people are aiming for. Good luck everyone!

Planning your events in 2023

There are some changes to our events this year. Whilst we do still have a smaller number of road-based TTs, we are shifting to some weekend TTs on the Hillingdon track for club TTs. This provides a safer environment for racing and with many events being Handicaps, means that more people have a chance to win. The details can be found here .

January, February and March activities

So January has kicked off with preparation for the Winter Warmer, our biggest event of the year, which has now sold out. We also have turbo sessions, and then we start on the group rides on the 29th January or 5th February. We are intending for these to be faster rides for 3/4 of the Sundays and then if there are enough people, a slower ride once or more a week as well. Finally, we have our regular socials which have concluded that Wetherspoons in consistently offering great value. The dates in the frames can be found below.

Winter Warmer

8th January Signs out

15th January Winter warmer – free entry for Westerley members

22nd January Pick up signs

Group rides

Commence on the 29th January or 5th February with this flat, fast route and will be every Sunday starting at Gurnell pool at 8:30 – generally going Westish with an obligatory coffee stop.

11th Jan
25th Jan
8th Feb
22nd Feb
8th March
22nd March


Third Thursday each month at Wetherspoons in Ealing.

19th January

16th February

16th March